The amount of rain this spring is putting a damper on my birthday plans for Josh's party this weekend. My original plan was to have the playset outside sanded down and cleaned up for Josh and his friends to play on. But since it's rained every single day since we got here (and days before), I can't do any work on it. I can't even put sand on the bottom for a sand box, which is my gift to him. Soooo, I think instead I'll migrate the party to the neighborhood swimming pool- assuming weather cooperates.

I'm starting to gain weight. I started out at 122 lbs. as my morning weight. Now I'm at about 130 lbs. in the morning. I'm just barely beginning to feel movement, especially when I lay down at rest. I've been having leg cramps at night, usually 3-5 times, so I've started taking magnesium and calcium supplements. My appetite has increased along with my waist. I think I'm at the best part of a pregnancy. I have energy and I'm past the sickness.



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