Success! We had our housewarming party last night with great success. We estimate about 20+ people came over the course of five hours. Everyone had a good time (except Josh, but more on that in a bit) and enjoyed the excuse to see other people and get out. Despite being rained on earlier that day, the grounds weren't too bad and mosquitoes hadn't come out to full force, or not to my knowledge. I struck a deal with Rusty to hold the white wines until December so that I could enjoy them.

Joshua had his 2nd birthday party in the afternoon before the housewarming. He LOVED that his friends came over to play! He was dancing and running around and playing with everyone and everything. He enjoyed his homemade birthday cake I made, drank lots of juice & milk, played with his buddies in the backyard, and had fun opening his gifts. So far he really likes his medical kit and play tunnel, although he's played with everything at some point by now. He was really haven't an all around great time until...

...he got bumped by a girl on the swings which threw him to the ground and knocked his head against the pole of the playset. He got a huge bump/bruise to the right of his right eye. He hurt for a while and I thought he was going to go to sleep since it was already late, but he stayed up until almost the bitter end. Odd thing about the incident is that afterwards for the rest of the night, he was real clingy and wanted to know where mommy & daddy were all the time. If either of us was out of sight or earshot for even a moment he was distressed. I'm thinking he got scared after the accident and wanted the assurance that we were there to protect him and comfort him. Today he seems fine though still a bit more clingy than usual.

It's shaping up to be a gorgeous day so I'll probably take Josh to the community pool to play for a bit after his nap. He got a few pool toys and a new towel from a neighbor friend for his birthday that we need to make use of.



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