Just over two years ago Emily assisted us during Josh's birth. Now that she is in the navy we felt we needed to find someone else to help out on that big day. We made a list of people we knew and trusted then evaluated our choices. Some friends are naturally hard to get a hold of on any given day, others live a bit too far away, and other friends didn't have that totally cozy feel. I mean, let's face it, giving birth in front of others is an intimate affair. We settled on Melissa Anderly to help us. We asked her this afternoon if she would be interested and she about jumped out of her seat! Rusty and I breathed a sigh of relief when she enthusiastically accepted. This meant we didn't have to settle for a less than ideal assistant. It helps that she has had a natural birth herself and went through the Bradley Method child birth classes too. (This was her 5 months after Josh was born and just weeks before her son Nolan was born.)

Josh got a haircut today. He looks older somehow- and way cute!

Vincent had his birthday party this afternoon. Josh had a blast! They had a bounce house in the backyard, lots of backyard toys, kids, cake- it was all good. He got a lot of sun and now he's tired enough that I think we can get him to bed perhaps 30 minutes early. I hope we can because I'm pooped and need an early night myself.



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