The poor little dude has a fever this evening. He woke up from his nap with a temp of 102.6. I gave him some Tylenol and he just lounged on my lap going in and out of sleep until I finally laid him in his bed at 6:45.

I'm working on making a sign or button to wear around when I go out. I'm tired of the same questions (and really tired of the dumb ones, but more on that later) so I figure I'llknock out the three most common questions with one visual: a stork picture with "November" along the bottom, in blue and a "#2" at the top somewhere. I we settle on a name before he's born (it's unlikely knowing us), then I'll add that too. That gets rid of when are you due, do you know what it is, and is this your first??? Then there's the dumb questions that I get, like is the father excited and are you feeling sick? Well, maybe the second question isn't so dumb since many women feel sick all the way through their pregnancies. I don't. The first question- why do people ask this? What answer are they expecting? I should say something like Oh he doesn't know, but my husband is very excited! Of course, that might get me trouble.


Maktaaq said...

Go on! Ruffle those feathers!

(Then write people's reactions here.)


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