We're having another boy! yay! The ultrasound technician estimates the due date to be November 2nd, but the calendar and midwife both think it's November 7th, and I'm putting my bet to be either early (fingers crossed for October 31st) or later such as the 14th. I suppose we'll find out soon enough.

I am working on another web design project, though it's a short and relatively easy one. It will keep me occupied for a couple more weeks and pays a thousand bucks. Then I need to find something else to do. Either pick up another consulting project or find part-time employment or committ myself to homely projects, like making curtains, fixing up the play set and early Christmas shopping.

Yes, early Christmas shopping. I don't want to deal with Christmas this year if I have a newborn. I plan to do shopping early and get cards signed and addressed as soon as they go on sale in the stores (late September, early October?). I expect to be sleep deprived, busy and slow moving in December. If I get things prepped early, the idea is to just drop everything in the mail at the right time and be done.

Which brings me back to money. Money to pay for all this in advance. We aren't broke but we didn't exactly budget for Christmas shopping plus baby stuff plus a higher mortgage to all be at roughly the same time of the year. It will be tight for a little bit, but that's how it goes. At least these expense will be spread over the course of several months instead of one big credit card statement in January, like most years. Rusty might be getting a promotion/pay bump later this year but we can't count that until it happens.

We installed the first part of the Elfa shelves in the garage this evening. As a way to keep Josh distracted from playing in the garage while we worked, we got out the water hose for him to play with. I just couldn't resist snapping a few shots of our bare bottomed babe playing in the water!



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