I'm reading Rant by Chuck Palahniuk. It's another effed up story that's surely fun to read. It was sent to us by Raymond as a housewarming gift (thanks!) and I'm just now getting to it. I have 3 magazines I haven't read yet too. I think I'll save those for later though when I'm either disparately out of reading material or when the new baby comes and I find myself reading while breastfeeding.

With Josh, we propped up a music stand by the rocking chair so I was able to read at night during breast feedings. It was something to do while I waited for Josh to finish and it kept me from falling asleep. Although we don't have a rocking chair anymore.

Father's Day is this weekend. I had a great idea for my dad's gift/card but I'm running into technical difficulties. If I can get it to work then I'm done- yay!- on time. If not, I'll have to resort to Plan B. Not sure what Plan B is yet but it probably involves shopping for something. I got Rusty something on behalf of Josh. I'm worried it might be too big (in fact, I'm almost certain of it), but oh well.

I'm tired and it's not even 10pm. peace out.



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