Today is Father's Day! We got gifts for our dads and I got a gift for Rusty on behalf of Josh. I found a men's maroon house robe and monogrammed "Daddy" in gold stitching. Well, I didn't do it, L.L. Bean did! It's a large, so I'm worried it might not fit well. Rusty's usually a medium on most clothes. But his first treat of the day is to sleep in and wake up with fresh coffee and a clean kitchen/living room. Which I'll be working on shortly.

My son's waist is a mystery. He's 2 years old and I can't seem to find shorts small enough to fit him. 2T and 24 month is too wide- they fall off within a few steps of walking. 18 month size is too big too! I got four pairs of 18 month shorts from Target yesterday and they too are falling past his butt. Am I to resort to suspenders??

Baby #2 is kicking and thumping more now, though I tend to feel most movement at night or when laying down. I've gained about 11 pounds so far, though the baby weighs only about 7 ounces. My appetite has increased and I'm making healthy choices where I can, like a side salad with a sandwich. Fruit as a snack instead of cookies. Whole grains over white. Juice and milk over soda. Although I still have the occasional can of soda (with ice) when the urge gets me. Time seems to be flying by this time around. I realized the other day that I am almost half way done! I only have about 4 months left! :-/



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