Last night sucked. Joshua skipped his nap yesterday so we got him in bed with lights out by 8:15pm. Elliot fell asleep around 9pm. All was normal so I showered and read a magazine hoping to be asleep by 10pm. 10:30, Josh is crying for daddy. 11pm Rusty brings Josh to bed hoping this will comfort him to sleep. No. They move back to Josh's room. Josh continues to wake up and cry intermittently. At midnight we give Josh some Tylenol and I suggest Rusty crash on the over sized chair with Josh. That works. 2am Elliot wakes up to be fed. He doesn't go back to sleep until 3:40. In that time, Josh wakes up again several times wanting to be held, wanting Puppy, wanting to watch TV, wanting shadows to go away- you name it. Rusty gets up to sleep on Josh's floor. 6:30am, my alarm goes off and I'm up for the day. Elliot and I are out of the house by 7:10am on our way to a doctor's appt. at the Scottish Rite Hospital. (His webbed toes don't need to be separated, thank goodness!)

We got a doctor's appointment for Josh at 1pm. He was running a low fever, felt lethargic and needy, and obviously something was keeping him up all night. Turns out he has an ear infection, probably left over from his last cold.

I tried to nap this afternoon but failed to get more than a 20 minutes of real sleep. After Elliot's mid-day nap I was cranky from sleep deprivation. I've had some tea and I feel a second wind of energy. We're all going to bed early tonight!



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