I posted this to a message board today:

Am I the only mother of a genuine wild child?? Good God I want to strangle Josh sometimes (but in a Homer Simpson way, not in a real pyscho-mom way) with how he runs me ragged.

We went to Gatti's Town for lunch with a few friends and three times he ran from the table all the way to the back of the arcade. Despite me calling/yelling after him to stop each time, he just kept going. He has no regard for me when I ask him to stop it or come here or stop running. I finally had to hold him by his wriggling wrists to get him outside to the parking lot. (No alarm this time- Thank God!)

He skipped a nap. Oh that sucks.

At the grocery store this afternoon, he runs- again! -up and down the isles, around displays, he's dancing/jogging in place, scooping stuff out from under the shelves. But the running thing was what made me snap. I told him repeatedly to stop running and stand by me but eventually I had to put him in time-out on the floor right in the middle of the isle. After time-out, he does this dancing/walking thing while holding my hand. At the check out he's touching everything, climbing, crawling, grabbing for the phone- I smacked his hand when he took the receiver off the cashier's phone. This didn't faze him but he did stop the dancing walk thing.

One hour later, after nursing Elliot, I look outside to see this:

MUD!!!! OMG! All I could do is laugh and take a picture and refuse to let him touch me.

Taking care of Elliot is sooooo easy. Way easy compared to Joshua. I swear he needs one adult's full time attention and all I can give him in the day is 3/4 because Elliot has needs too. I know he's not the only hyper type child, but I feel like he's exceptionally high maintenance. Especially after today!!

And yes, I am drinking wine tonight and eating ice-cream night now!

Here's another picture of my piglet in mud:

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when Joshua is at school.




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