A mom: "Now that I've met your husband, I can see how Joshua- he looks a lot like your husband. And I think Elliot looks a lot like you."
Me: "You're saying I'm small, fat and have no hair?"

We got to escape to a party last night for a couple hours. Two to be exact. But it was a great two hours! Complete with a drink spill, cake and obscure references. Tommy and his girlfriend Kathy are getting married, or "rocking this world" as they put it, later this summer. This was their 'bout damn time party. The in-laws hung out at our house while Josh and Elliot slept. The idea was we'd go out until midnight or until the baby woke up- which ever happened first. If Elliot hadn't woken up prematurely, we would have seen the flame dancers and probably other epic party moments. But at least we got out at all and that was worth it!

Today we're working on building the neighborhood playground. The plan was we'd take turns doing our volunteer time while the other watches the kids. So far it hasn't panned out as such. I'm home with the kids and Rusty is working with the other dads on the playground. I'm not complaining though.




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