Josh has a cold. He started feeling crummy on Sunday night and didn't sleep well at all. By Monday morning it was clear he had a bug. Runny nose, stuffed up head, watery eyes, general fussiness. Learning from the last cold, I got him bananas today to mix with apricots. Pears with cereal for breakfast, apricots with banana for lunch and dinner, yogurt as a snack if he's in the mood. I'm hoping all this fruit will help his stool be firm afterwards.

I made the mistake of taking Josh out to play with his walker. I intended to go to the church which has an indoor basketball court with a padded floor, but there were 12 teenage guys playing ball and I wasn't about to go in with Josh so I was headed home bummed out that the court was busy then I passed a car-lot-turned-church and spotted a nice open area so I got Josh out and the walker and he had a blast walker-ing around until I spotted a hole and a bloody spot on his sock and that signaled the end of play-time. He was scraping his foot. He'd walk for a bit, build some momentum then drag his feet. I didn't notice him doing this at home. Then again I have a linoleum kitchen floor so if he was doing it I'd never see any harm. I felt awful. I didn't directly hurt him but I wasn't as vigilant as I could have been. He didn't seem to mind having scraped toes- he's was more upset that play was over when he was having such a good time. I'll try the church next week before school lets out.

By the way, my new Tuesday ritual is to watch Scrubs. They brought back the series (yay!) and that's my time to veg. I don't get suckered into the tube often but this is one show I enjoy. Rusty takes over putting Josh to bed on Tuesday nights so that I can relax and have a break. I think all moms of babies or toddlers need a weekly scheduled break, whether its to go shopping or watch a show or take a long bath or do whatever.



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