Today was cleaning day. Rusty & I cleaned th carpet in the house, dusted a bit, reorganized shelves and cleared general clutter. Hosting a playdate increases my motivation to clean and baby proof.

Josh met a little girl yesterday evening at the grocery store. We pulled up in line behind a couple who had an 18 month old girl. She didn't have a lick of hair on her head. She was sooo adorable! She would cover her mouth when she laughed; it was mock demure. She saw Joshua and said "baby" and pointed for her mom to see. Joshua turned to look at her and started to squeal (squawk) "a-a-a!" She thought he was hysterical to squawk at her and laughed back. We took Josh out of the cart to get a closer look. The two babies just laughed at each other and had fun for a moment. It was interesting to see a baby interested in a baby. At the weekly Moms Group, Josh sees other babies roughly his age and sometimes interacts, but not like he did with his girl. I asked the mother when her girl started to crawl. Yes, I'm still impatiently waiting for him to crawl. I fear he'll start crawling and walking at the same time.

His cough has gotten better. His last cold caused him to get lots of snot and a runny nose, some of which probably dripped into his lungs. His cough sounded so bad I called the peditrician to know when I should start being worried. His toes are starting to heal too. We invested in some liquid bandages since he was apt to take band-aids off his toes and put them in his mouth.



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