Our little guy is learning and growing so much! He's crawling every chance he has. No more rolling around to get places. He's also pulling up on anything he can reach: crib rail, couch, chairs, coffee tables, book case, my leg, empty boxes, anything that will support his weight and give some lift. Tomorrow I plan to lower his crib to the lowest setting. Although I'm proud of his accomplishment to go from hands and knees to standing in his crib, I don't want him to fall over the edge. Rusty doubts he would fall out but enough other people seem to think he definitely would in enough time that I'm more inclined to go with the masses on this one. Now that he's crawling, we also need to finish baby proofing. Cabinets are a new fascination. He doesn't go in them- yet- but likes to open and close doors and pull out whatever he can reach or knock over with one hand. Rusty is looking at adhesive cabinet locks as opposed to the screw in type. That's his project.

Josh is still a good eater. Today he had a few bites of nectarine with cereal for breakfast, Brussels sprouts with sweet potatoes for lunch, cheese and veggie puffs for a snack, and chicken in sweet potatoes for dinner. I need to make more food for him. I ran out of fruits and yogurt this week and had to run to the store to cover tomorrow's breakfast. I like Horizon Baby Yogurt better than Yo Baby. Horizon is thicker making it less likely to fall off the spoon on the way to the mouth. We tried cottage cheese last week. He didn't like it. At all. Luckily I didn't buy much. I'll stick with cheddar and yogurt for now and try cottage cheese again later on.

We're planning a road trip to Colorado next month. We narrowed our dates to mid-April for a week. Due to high demands of an excessive workload, Rusty has been working weekends and evenings and his team did not get the green light for additional personnel. Thus management is compensating the extra work time as extra vacation time. So far Rusty's collected about 4 weeks of vacation time. At this rate, we'll be able to make that trip to Portland again and possibly Colorado for Christmas. woot and yay!!

Last, I took Joshua to the mall to play in the indoor play area. He had a blast for about 30 minutes (the he got hungry and fussy). He loved watching the other kids running and jumping everywhere. The "stuff" was all cushiony and just about the right height for him to walk along. Several other malls have the same play area with different themes (I think the Gallery has a hamburger lunch). Now that Josh has some mobility, this is another means of free entertainment. And if you know me, you know I like free!




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