2 minute update while Josh is playing peacefully him his room.

I've been dusting off my resume and job site profiles this week. As I put it to friend Preethi, I don't want to stick my neck out to employers until I'm ready. So I'm taking the whole month to polish off my resumes, cover letter, portfolio (the one I don't have put together yet) and other job tools. I plan to interview with my blue hair until I either land a job that requires a conservative appearance or until it's obvious that blue hair is not to my advantage. I would prefer to keep it, but we'll see.

I visited Kim yesterday delivering baby gifts. Her due date is in February but she's likely to have that baby any day now since she's already dilated and having contractions periodically. She's taking a risky approach to natural delivery. Her insurance doesn't cover the hospital she wants to deliver at so she's going to labor at home until the last possible moment then rush to her preferred hospital for an emergency delivery. I applaud her idea and hope she's successful. She and I both hope she doesn't get stuck delivering in the car. That would suck.

Josh is done playing alone.



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