I'm loving the book David got for me this Christmas: Lamb (The Gospel According to Biff, Christs' Childhood Friend) by Christopher Moore. The main character is a riot and the stories are just as outrageous. I love how this book does not take religion seriously, it just tells a good story. The book refers to "the Savior" from the Greek translation of the Hebrew Yeshua, which is Joshua; the book is narrated by Joshua's friend Biff. Classic example of why this book rocks...

"Joshua, you're the Son of God. You're the Messiah. That implies- oh, I don't know- that you're a Jew! You can't eat bacon."
God doesn't care if we eat bacon. I can just feel it."
"Really. He still feel the same way about fornication?"
"Killing? Stealing? Bearing false witness? Coveting thy neighbor's wife, et cetera? No change of heart on those"
"Just bacon. Interesting. You would have thought there would be something about bacon in the prophecies of Isiah."
"Yeah, makes you wonder, doesn't it?"
"You're going to need more than that to usher in the kingdom of God, Josh, no offense. We can't go home with, 'Hi, I'm the Messiah, God wanted you to have this bacon.' "
"I know. We have much more to learn. But breakfasts will be more interesting."
"Go to sleep, Josh."

In other news, I've polished my resume and cover letter. It was a tough task with all the cobwebs on it and tarnished brass. But it looks fine now. Fit for any employer of interest. Thing is, before I can go sticking my neck out for jobs, I need to do some research about daycare, Montessori school, in-home care, and other options for Josh. I would like to send him to Montessori school but it's not cheap (~ $1100+ per month). Daycare isn't cheap either but it's a little cheaper. Some daycares teach some basic skills (colors, shapes, sharing, music, etc.) much like the schools do. I need to figure out what my options are, who has a spot to enroll him, and how I can transition him smoothly to a new routine. This is will be the hard part. I don't really want to drop him off in someone else's care but I also don't want to be a stay-at-home mom forever either. Unless something big happens, I feel the need to go back to work and contribute to our income in some way. This will be no simple task. I fear I'll be exhausted with the juggle.



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