Josh's cold did indeed turn worse yesterday. He developed wheezing shallow breathing (bronchiolitis) around 3am warranting breathing treatments. Yesterday I gave him breathing treatments every couple of hours. He was miserable, the poor guy. Nose constantly running, no energy, coughing, wheezing, and a very slight fever around late morning. He spent almost the entire day resting on my chest or lap, or being held as I walked around.

I had my own battle- still do. Something in this house is causing my allergies to go crazy. Every 15-20 minutes I sneeze, eyes water up, nose constricts, mucus builds up... then it all relaxes until the next allergic reaction. I'm not sure if it's a plant, mold outside from rain last week, dust, some weed pollen?? Whatever it is, it's adding to the challenges of taking care of a sick toddler. It's tough to get Josh to sleep when all of a sudden a huge sneeze erupts and a quick grab for Kleenex distracts him.

Today should be better. He already has more energy and has less of a runny nose. Hopefully he'll have more appetite. Maybe I'll actually get out of the house today.



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