Josh has a cold. Since it's January, this is a great time to start counting how many times he gets sick in a year. Last seemed like a lot, but then I normally don't get sick 6-10 times a year like most toddlers. This cold is mild so far. Runny nose, sneezing and crabbiness. So far no breathing problems. We expected him to sleep like crap last night. Usually when Josh has a cold he's restless. We expected he'd be up at least four times. Surprisingly not! He did toss and turn shortly after he went to bed. So I slept with him on the couch in hopes that keeping him elevated would help drain his nasal cavities. This worked fine for about two hours until he started tossing and turning on me. I laid him in his own bed and he didn't so much as peep the whole night. At 6:40-ish he woke up fully rested and ready to run. Rusty, on the other hand, did not sleep well. He says I hogged the bed, stole the covers and took turns snoring with my cat. I deny these allegations.



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