Looks like the so called "winter blast" is going to rip through town again this weekend. Being couped up inside with an overly active toddler will be so much fun!

We're still teaching Josh to put himself to sleep. I'm fairly consistent at night time in keeping him in his bed to go to sleep. But in the early mornings, especially 5:30, I break down. I'd rather hold him on my chest and snooze for an hour on the couch than lose sleep trying several times in vain or getting up so early. I got more than an hour nap this morning from him. It doesn't help him learn to put himself to sleep but it makes me feel better getting that extra hour of sleep. I think I would be better at these early mornings if I weren't waking up several times to put him back to bed or to sleep each night. Last night I was woken up 4 times helping him go back to sleep. By 5:30 it's no wonder I don't want to budge. When Rusty's shoulder heals better I'm going to propose that one of us gets up throughout the night to get Josh and one of us gets up early in the morning. I can't do both and it's not fair anyway.

The project for this weekend: teach Joshua how to say/sign "please".



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