Ice ice everywhere! It's the "Winter Blast" that the news is all over this morning. There's frost and sleet on the ground, but it's not a disaster. Certainly not worth shutting down the city for in my opinion.

Josh snoozed with me on the couch this morning. He woke up at 5:40. We had breakfast, juice and played a bit. Then I rubbed his belly and tried to teach him the word "belly". He thought it tickled at first then got droopy eyed. So I rubbed his belly and coaxed him to lay down. Next thing I know, I'm snoozing in and out of sleep with him resting on my chest. Rusty snickered when he woke up to see where we were, then kept super quiet. Josh napped a whole hour with me. As for me, my ankles were cold and I obsessed over whether Josh was cold too. I went in and out of sleep but it was enough to help me feel more rested. woot!

We're on our way to a play date. Ethan & Signe are moving to College Station soon so this is their last time to host a play date.



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