Josh has become an early bird since we moved him from a crib to toddler bed. Now he wakes up before the sun at around 6:30am. It's driving me crazy waking up so early after months of sleeping in until 8-ish. I've pushed his bedtime back to 8pm so that he'll get the sleep he needs. Before we converted his bed, he would stir early in the morning then usually go back to sleep for a bit. Or he'd play in his crib while I snoozed a bit. But now he can spring out of bed the moment he's not sleeping. I hope the newness of his new bed will wear off soon. I look forward to the days of sleeping in until at least sunrise.

He's also shifted his appetite over the last few months. He wakes up starving (like me) and usually has a bowl of oatmeal. Then after a couple hours, he has breakfast number two, usually fruit or yogurt or cereal bar or something like that. Then it's lunch time two hours later, just before his nap. I'm sneaking in vegetables with his spaghettios or serving up half a grilled cheese & ham sandwich or doling out diced veggies with breaded chicken. Spaghettios are his favorite though. Then another snack after his nap and light grazing until dinner. Dinner used to be level with dinner. But lately he's only eating a snack's worth of food. A few bites and he's done. He still make him sit at the table with us even though he's not eating much with us. We want to teach him that dinnertime means we all sit down together until we're done. That lesson comes in handy when we find ourselves out to eat or at someone's house where we can't let him run around unattended.

This week will run as normal then next week I'll begin the process of job searching. I'm fairly set on finding some work and putting Josh into daycare or Montessori school or some other arrangement. I want to start contributing financially and keep my mind sharp.

Darnit. His awake from his nap already. He went down at 12:45. I guess today is just too exciting for him to sleep. Bummer for me. There goes my free time.


Maktaaq said...

"That lesson comes in handy when we find ourselves out to eat or at someone's house where we can't let him run around unattended."

That's awesome, Sarah. They also say that eating together as a family from the earliest days is better for a child's social development when said child reaches puberty. I read somewhere that your child will be less likely to get all weird when he's a teenager if the whole family eats together.

Good luck with the job-hunting!


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