It's quiet.

Josh is at school and I finished working early. I will be working with other moms this afternoon preparing our stuff for an upcoming consignment sale. I haven't decided whether to pick up Josh on the way or let him stay in school until later. He would probably love for me to pick him up early.

Yesterday we had a bit of a traumatic moment in the backyard. If you've been to our house you know we have a deck in our backyard that's a couple feet off the ground. Rusty nailed a trellis on its side to keep Josh from crawling under the deck, but he managed to fit through it. I was keeping an eye on him while in the kitchen- next thing I know, he's out of sight and crying. Rusty crawled under the deck and helped him out. This weekend we're going to try wood lattice to keep him out. It's moments like this that make me wish we had a backyard with grass instead of a deck. The deck is great for parties and holds up the hot tub, but it's not much fun for kids. He can't play with sand (some would get lost through the deck cracks), he can't examine bugs in the grass, roll around or dig in the dirt. Well, we have some dirt under the crate mertil, but that's not enough.



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