Today was odd. Not in a bird flying around the house way, but in the timing of things. Josh woke up with a slight fever that quickly became over 104 degrees. I gave him Motrin and waited for it to take effect. Once it did, we ran errands and played for 15 minutes at a park. He went down for his afternoon nap at the usual noon time. I had some energy to burn so painted a large portion of the living room wall "gleeful" green (from Sherwin-Williams). Against my better judgment, I decided to lay down for a bit instead of eating lunch. Josh woke up at 2pm but was still sleepy. I also woke him up entirely in the process of making my lunch then realized he had fallen asleep on my shoulder. O-kay. Quick to adapt and capitalize on extra snooze time for myself, I grabbed my new book* and laid on the couch with him.

Josh napped on my chest until 5:30p!!

Essentially, he napped five and a half hours! A record nap time I'm sure. No wonder he doesn't want to sleep now (Rusty's sitting in the hall to keep him in bed). I'm hoping the epic nap was what he needed to fully recover. He did have another fever after his nap (about 101 degrees) but felt fine otherwise. Well, not entirely. He coughed so much at one point of the evening he barfed a little. But that was a mechanical problem, not viral.

Needless to say, I didn't get much done today other than the morning chores and keeping the boy alive (and asleep). Tomorrow I plan to work at least a half day. I'm taking Josh to Coughs & Cuddles, a daycare behind Plano Presbyterian Hospital that takes sick children while the parents go to work. Apparently they take any sort of illness and charge only $6. I know Josh is super-needy when he's sick but it's been almost a full week and I'm getting restless not working.

* Oh yeah, my new book. Today I bought "Made to Stick" by Chip & Dan Heath. It's a communications book about how to get a message to stick in the minds of whoever you're communicating to. I read through 75 pages while Josh napped this afternoon. So far it comes highly recommended to anyone who is a manager, marketer, mom or something in between. Here's the NPR interview I heard before buying the book.



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