Waiting for dinner. Josh is climbing furniture. Here's my chance for a quick post.

Josh spent three and a half days in school this week. Preston Park Montessori Academy was the best daycare solution I could find in the area for part-time enrollment. He seems to like it by the end of the day. He has a ravenous appetite when I pick him up. I learned quickly to arm myself with a granola bar, Nutri-Grain bar, graham crackers, and the like. For lunch today, they fed him potatoes, jam, green beans an peache with milk. He had snacks twice with goldfish and cup cake (celebrating a class mate's birthday). The morning drop off is still rough though. He clings to me with all his strength crying and begging me not to go. (If you haven't seen Josh in a while, you'd be surprised at his strength. Being an expert toddler climber, he can lift his weight easily.)

Dinner time. More later.


Elizabeth said...

Do you still like Preston Park Montesorri? My nanny is moving next month and I've signed my daughter up for Preston Park. Anslo--do yuou live in Bent Trail? The pic you posted of the house with loose shingles looks like my (our?) neighborhood, too.

Sarah Nejdl said...

I live on Brent Dr. across from a QT gas station. There are so many Bent Tree references around this area it's hard to tell which is which.

I really like PPMA. My only gripe is the drive is not as close as Bent Tree Day School up the road from us, but they aren't as cheap and don't do part-time. :(


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