Today has been very productive for me.

I worked from 9-4pm like a mad-woman on a mission to complete a project thrown to me last night. In the last hour of work, the school Josh goes to calls me to say he has a fever. Drat! I pick him up in record time, dashed to the store for more crackers (we were out and he LOVES Toasteds), then got him home. Not even ten minutes of being home he falls asleep on my shoulder. I laid him down and he's been out since then. I finished my project while he napped and now have some spare time.

Since Rusty's not going to be home (he's working in Irvine, CA this week) and Josh will likely go to bed late and/or be up a lot, I'm about to make great use of my time by snagging a bite and resting/vegging while I can. I hope his cold is short and easy. We'll see tomorrow!




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