Just when I thought Josh was getting better and recovered from his cold, things turn south again. Either he relapsed or he caught Rusty's cold imported fresh from a business trip in California. Both of my guys have the sniffles. Lucky me- I haven't caught their germs yet and don't plan on it.

Rusty & I went to the DSO last night again. The performance overall was good. I enjoyed the Ravel pieces best which was the second half of the concert. First was Tzigane for Violin and Orchestra with soloist Vadim Gluzman (who I dubbed the Elvis Presley of violinists), then we ended on Suite No. 2 from Daphnis et Chloe.

Josh spent the evening at Nolan's house. He played well, ate well and went to sleep on time. Although he was awake during the drive home, he went back to sleep within minutes in his own bed. AND he slept well waking up only twice. Speaking of, here he is awake from his nap.



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