Today was Super Bowl Sunday. We had friends over to visit and watch the tube with us. Some good commercials, a couple great, the game was ok and everyone's company was well worth the clean up afterwards. My top three favorite commercials were:

Combos- Fever

Bud Light- Hitchhiker

GM- Carwash Dudes

Other notable mentions were the ads, most of the Bud Light ads, The Snickers Kiss, Sierra Mist Beard Over, and the Doritos Crash. The Ford commercials all sucked, Coke was mild, and Chevy was lame and was a repeat of last year's idea. I'm surprised at who did not advertise: AT&T, Pepsi, McDonalds, to name three.

Overall, this was a superb day, especially for Josh. We visited Rusty's parents late morning, Josh napped for 2 hours, we had a decent turn out of guests, Josh had fun playing with grown ups and his baby friend Nolan, and the house wasn't totally wrecked afterwards. Tomorrow should be busy the first half of the day. Josh & I are meeting with mom friends for breakfast at Ikea, then playing at Stonebriar mall, lunch and nap, then Josh will spend the afternoon in daycare while I begin to toil with marketing for The Helix. Hopefully Josh will sleep soundly tonight. We all need some rest.



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