Questions People Keep Asking Me

So how is the new job?
It's going fine. I feel a little lost at times figuring out who's who, how things operate and what's going on, but I'll catch on quickly I'm sure. I enjoy what I'm doing, enjoy who I'm working with and love the ability to work from home.

How did you find the job?

It came about from an offhand comment I made to our financial advisor, Dan Bramschreiber. I mentioned to him that I would be looking for a new job soon to do something in the marketing field part-time. He told me he needed someone to work on his new website he plans to launch and an upcoming newsletter. The conversation evolved into a casual offer for work that I accepted after a couple days of contemplation.

How often do you work?
I work three full days a week on average on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. That's about twenty-four work hours. Josh goes to school those days and stays home with me Mondays and Fridays. The flexibility in my job is awesome: if I work during the weekend, I take back that time during the week. Monday this week Josh spent half of his day in school meeting his classmates and teachers so I worked for three hours. That extra time on Monday covered my dentist appointment today.

How does Josh like daycare?
He doesn't mind it after he gets over the fact that I leave him there. He's pretty upset when I leave him but happy as a clam when I return.

Is he sleeping better and is he more tired?
The jury's still out on that one.

Do you miss having him around?
No, because I keep myself busy working. I couldn't have done this any sooner than now. I waited until I was really ready before thinking about working again. I enjoy eating lunch without multi-tasking or guarding my plate.

Has Josh gotten sick yet?
Not yet. He's got a slightly runny nose but his friend Nolan might have donated that last weekend.



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