Josh attended his first birthday party as a toddler this morning. His friend Sydney turned two today. The kids (and some parents) played at the Wiggly Play Center in Frisco. Josh had fun the first hour but then got super cranky so we had to leave a little early. He feel asleep on the way home and normally this is where a story ends.


Some time during Josh's nap he barfed up some of the juice he drank at the party. We have bathed him and fed him and are doing laundry. Other than a low-grade cold he's working out, he doesn't seem much effected by an upset tummy. In fact, he's playing with his new toy sunglasses, a party favor from Sydney's mom. Oh wait, now they're broken. But he's still playing with it.

Anyway, I'm hoping the upset tummy is an isolated incident from too much sugar or coughing a lot.

For work, I'm testing out SugarCRM. It's not the best open-source program I've found, but it doesn't require a server upgrade and it seems to cover the basics. Shopping around for CRMs hasn't been much fun but it's necessary to help Dan improve his business.



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