I had a root canal done today. The appointment was supposed to be for Wednesday but I was in agonizing pain and moved it to today. Trouble sleeping, headaches, sensation of swollen face/cheek, sensitivity to pressure and temperature change (read: eating and drinking)- it was a sharp piercing pain that felt to extend deep into the tooth and perhaps beyond. I bought two types of Orajel, Sensodyne toothpaste and took some Advil just to put the pain aside for a bit. But it kept coming back. I'm hopeful this root canal today solves the problem. If it doesn't I may cry. Again.

In other news, I have an appointment to meet with my midwife tomorrow morning. It will be our first appointment. I'm rather excited not only to work with her again but to go through the whole pregnancy process again. The first one was such a pleasant experience (well, ok, honestly it sucked the first 3 months when I was hormonal and nauseous) but this one will be different. Different seasons, different working environment, different home life, different home!, different baby altogether. I pray for a healthy pregnancy and baby. Boy, girl, I don't care. I want healthy. Rusty however, REALLY wants a girl. We'll see this summer what we're getting.




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