We decided yesterday it was time to drop the "binky". The 'kiki', the 'dummy', the 'paci', the 'nooki', the 'baby pacification device'. We waffled over the timing: after his birthday? before? when we move? before? sometime in the summer? next weekend?

We decided there was no good reason not to try it sooner. At bedtime, Josh didn't make his usual request immediately following his bath. We thought "Maybe we got lucky? He doesn't seem interested." Instead he waited until it was almost time for books, a good 30 minutes after his bath. Once it was clear we weren't giving him his binky, oh boy was he pissed! Crying and pleading and bucking out of our arms. We managed to get through one book. I sang him a song and recalled some bedtime rhymes before laying him down. He cried a little asking for his binky but eventually asleep.

We thought- that wasn't so bad. Heh.

Around 2 am he woke up and couldn't get back to sleep. I took him to his room again, laid him down, rubbed his back and that seemed to work. 10 minutes later he was back in our room. I put him down again then laid down on his floor to keep him company (and to re-enforce my wishes for him to stay in bed). I crawl into bed after he's out. A little after 3 am, same thing. This time I kick Rusty out of bed. He doesn't do so well. Josh cries and screams and wails no matter what Rusty tries. I give up and take over again. Soothe, sleep on the floor. Repeat again at 6 am. Take over from Rusty, soothe, sleep on the floor. Josh didn't wake up until close to 9:30 this morning. Which is fine- he slept like crap all night. But now our whole day's schedule is shifted two hours off norm.

We're bracing ourselves for nap time today and the binky battle again tonight. Whatever happens, we've resolved to be 100% consistent. No binky, no exceptions, sorry kid.



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