Hoooo-weeee! Josh was a handful today! He's had breathing problems for the last fews days (that darn bronchiolitis) which makes him wake up coughing several times a night. So he's tired in the day which makes him cranky (and us cranky). I'm hoping he'll be over it by Monday so I can take him to school.

Here's my week+ planned:
Monday- work a few hours or all day (depends on whether "Boss Man" Dan is busy with clients or available to work with)
Tuesday- finish any open projects from work on Monday, pack up and clean up house
Wednesday- pack up and clean up some more
Thursday- drive Josh to Corpus Christi to see his great-grandma Kerr
Friday & Saturday- have fun while Rusty takes care of stuff around the house, like painting and refinishing wood
Sunday- drive home in time to have Easter Dinner with the in-laws
Monday- have pictures taken of the house, finish paper work
Tuesday- house goes on the market (within a day or two)

Pet peeve: movies or shows that have some woman giving birth that's completely unrealistic. Rusty is watching an episode of Firefly on DVD where some woman is having a baby. She's squealing, barely breathing and NOT SCREAMING. Oh, and her hair and makeup looks fine afterwards. No blood, no sweat, no tears of reverence. What a load of crap! I really wish someone within the film crew would step up to say "Um, excuse me. May I? Great. Yes, about the birth scene. My wife didn't sound or look anything like that. Can you give us a good agonizing scream? You know, like you just had your leg shot off or something? Ok, louder. Lots louder and growly. Also, bunch up your face. More. More. Mo- that's probably fine. And take some fast deep breaths between the screaming. You'll get dizzy? Well, do what you can until it's uncomfortable and if you begin to faint just roll with it. Last thing. Forget the lines. Just say things incoherently. Ramble your lines if that works for you. And say it fast since you're in pain and breathing fast."




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