I have been in agony for days, almost 2 weeks! It's not due to being pregnant, though that is a contributing factor. I am referring to my toothache. It has been killing me slowly and just this week has grown so bad it effects how I eat, sleep, talk, and even move around. After a root canal on Monday, no change. I visited two dentist offices yesterday for further examination where they adjusted my bite, no change. They prescribed me Vicodin and to take as much Advil as my midwife advises, no change. That's right. Vicodin had no effect! I was shocked. An hour and a half after taking a pill, my mouth was still throbbing and I didn't feel any different. I wonder if I got a sugar pill instead. Or maybe this is the type of drug that has to settle into the system to begin working? Either way, I am still in agony with this ache. I'm at the point where pulling the tooth sounds like a reasonable idea.



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