Quote from Rusty as he runs from the dinner table: "No, no, no, don't play the piano with asparagus!"

that moment brought tears of laughter

I went to my second research appointment with Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas this morning. It was brutal but worth it. The time went long so they agreed to pay $25 extra. woot! The coolest part of the whole ordeal, aside from the requirement to lay down and relax (wish I could do that more often), is the echo cardiogram. The use a sonogram machine to watch my heart beat. Once the technician locates the heart I can watch the valves pumping. The image of the heart pumping sort of reminds me of the dancing brooms in Disney's Fantasia where the stick is the ventricle wall and the bristles are the valves moving up and down. I had a hard time staying awake during one breathing exercise. I was soooo relaxed and tired from a restless night (Josh was restless for some reason) that one researcher had to tell me to stay awake a few times. I couldn't help it!

This is looking to be a busy weekend for us. We have work to do around the house to prepare to sell it. Rusty has loose ends with work to do. I have a website to add content to and finish designing. To help us, Rusty's mom has graciously agreed to watch Josh in the morning for a few hours. She tells me she will run her errands with him. I'm sure he'll love the adventure.



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