This week I really feel pregnant. Today starts the 8th week. My boobs filled out (yay!), I'm nauseous half the time (I barfed yesterday after breakfast), I feel like I'm short of breath all the time, I'm always thirsty and have to pee three times as normal, and I'm a little more tired than usual. I'm not really showing yet but I have noticed my jeans are fitting tighter around the waist. I don't really have any carvings yet, at least not consistently.

I had a dream earlier this week that I was in labor and the baby came out quickly. We discovered the baby was a girl and were surprised since we had forgotten to check the sex beforehand. I hear that moms sometimes just know what they're going to have. This may be true for some, but I need proof. I'm hoping to get a sonogram of the little bugger in the second week of April. Maybe by then we'll have some clue as to the sex.

In other news, we are making progress towards moving into a newer, bigger house. I love almost everything about this house and hope we'll get it. Nothing in guaranteed right now, but it looks promising. It's a whooping 2.1 miles away from where we are now!

Specs: 3 bedrooms, 2.1 bathrooms, 2 story, enclosed library/study, open game room, 2578 sq. ft., built 2001, includes covered patio and children's play set in backyard (woot!), sprinkler system, wood floor downstairs, carpet upstairs, ceramic tile in kitchen, new light fixtures & fans, granite-type counters in kitchen w/ an island, gas stove-top and plantation shutters. The neighborhood is adorable and comes with a community pool, elementary school 3 blocks away, and shopping and hospital under a mile away. It's in Carrollton city, Denton county and Lewisville school district. In a nutshell, the house was very well maintained and upgraded for efficiency in summer. There's fiber in the neighborhood (yay!) and Rusty's commute to work is the same distance as from our current home.

Snags: It's further away from the highways so I'll change to a nearby pediatrician after Josh's 2-year check up. I discovered there is a convicted pedophile a few blocks away (scary, yes, but really they are all over this country!). There is a dining room and living room, but no front entertaining room so the piano will go in the dining room and our dining will be in the kitchen nook. When we have guests we'll add the table sleeves to make room for everyone. We may have to buy a new refrigerator, if they won't sell it with the house, and rugs for some of the wood floor area. That' about it for downsides.

Our house will go on the market some time next month after we have the carpet cleaned, kitchen walls painted and a few other touch ups. I'm thinking of bailing out of town during all that chaos to keep myself and Josh away from the paint and minimize messes. I'm hoping to sell our home within 45 days of going on the market.



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