Matt: how did it go?

Me: We went out for sushi. As he's checking out the menu he recommends we get a FujiYama Special together. I told him I'd rather have some udon instead. He asked why I didn't want sushi. "Well, I'd love sushi but I can't it have it for a while. I'm pregnant."

He had this deer in the headlights look for a moment. Jaw dropped slightly.

He's excited and happy and hopeful for a girl. We talked briefly about it then moved on to other conversations about our day. It was a much cooler way to make the announcement than the first time around.

Matt: heh, nice. :)

Here were suggestions people had on how I should break the news:
My Dad- Wait until September and see if he notices.
Barb- Buy a double stroller and tell him he has 9 months to figure out how to put it together.

At least my tactic scored me some eel sushi. :-)




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