We went house shopping again today. Our favorite today was the one we nicknamed the "Frat House" due to the style. It's my favorite so far. It has two stories, all bedrooms upstairs, with a study, the balcony attaches to the master bedroom, there's two living areas, a nice kitchen, and you can see a nature reserve pond just behind the neighborhood from the back of the house. There's a park nearby and a Montessori school at the end of the development. No schools in walking distance and no shops in walking distance. We'll continue our search next weekend.

My tooth hurts less today (YAY!!) but is still sensitive and I can't chew on that side. I'll go back to the dentist later this week to figure out why it's still sensitive and what we ca do about it. I just pray we don't need another root canal. I'm complaining about the experience (the endodontist was actually very gentle aside from the shot of pain killers through the roof of my mouth, which I don't recommend that even to my enemies) but it's the cost. We paid nearly $1K after insurance and certainly can't afford to do it again right now.

This week we officially begin packing. I've packed the CDs and movies and found a bunch of boxes at a cardboard recycle bin to begin packing other stuff. Josh will be a challenge while packing. He wants to get into everything, unpack, open boxes, climb on boxes, put random stuff in the boxes... I'll stick to packing when he's away or asleep. Or better yet, find some good friends and grandparents to watch him for a few hours on the weekend.



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